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Events I offer:


- Workshops for children:

I offer regularly, along the year, fabric painting workshops for children, from 3-4 years old. Accompanied by a parent for the youngest.

The supports vary from one workshop to another, and according to the seasons: T-shirts, bags, cushions, aprons, caps, etc.

It is also offered for our little artists, a snack (drink and home made cookies).

- Children's birthdays or themed parties:

The new project is the animation of birthdays in small groups (up to a dozen children), an intimate and original way to celebrate a special date and make it unique.


Children need to move, play, shout, create, have fun, on a birthday party. The room that is at our disposal is therefore perfect for this. With a size of 50 square meters, it offers the possibility for children to take advantage of the interior space if it is cold or the weather is bad. Otherwise, an outdoor space, away from the street and cars, allows them to flourish outside.


On the program: games to let off steam, a treasure hunt, a snack and a small theater for to calm down in the end.


It is possible to base the program on a manual activity, but only in mini groups (6 children maximum).


Of course, it is possible to personalize the party, by bringing a particular theme, and to vary the activities according to the number of children, the age, etc.

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