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My name is Magalie, I am french, originaly from Toulouse. I recently moved to Portugal, after having been living in Frankfurt, Germany, working as an educator. But now I decide to let my job on the side, to start my new occupation:  Paint on textile. This was already my hobby for years so why not trying to do something constructive about it? 

"Onde Colorée" is born. It means "coloured wave" and this makes reference on my style of painting which sometimes reminds me the movement of water: free, unstable and super strong at the same time. It is fascinating. 

As a coincidence, my firts T-shirt that I made in 2003, after a travel in Japan, represents also water: The famous Wave from Hokusaï.

Before the pandemic, I started to sell on street handcrafts markets in Porto. But since, I am happy to answer to your personnal orders which come to enrich my creativity.  

So please don´t hesitate to surprise me and give me a new challenge to realise. I will be glad to honour it!


Rare are the photos of me painting. These date back to 2014. I was making a t-shirt for my nephew on the theme of Tanzania, after returning from a trip.

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